The pricing information provided below is purely a guideline for our multi-tiered cakes. For our iced cakes we use our luxuriously moist sponge cake, wrapped in Belgian chocolate ganache and covered in a premium white fondant for a superior smooth and flawless finish. Mounted on a cake-board and finished with satin ribbons.

For our ever popular beautiful, rustic semi-naked and buttercream wedding cake designs, we only use a high quality french white butter to achieve the sought after almost white finish. Offering a delicious selection of flavours and fillings to satisfy you and your guests.

It takes many hours of work to ensure each tier is finished to a high standard. Each tier is made from 4 layers of sponge and has a minimum height of 5".

Each of our cakes are completely bespoke and often require a significant amount of design work therefore, only after a consultation will we be able to provide an accurate quote for your special cake.

The number of portions are estimated based on the 2 most typical sizes for wedding cakes. 1" x 1" finger portion or a 1" x 2" dessert portion. The actual number of portions may vary slightly and will depend on how the cake is cut on the day.


We also offer Wedding Favours. See below for more information and pricing.


The following portion guides are based on the 5 most requested cakes size combinations.

2 TIER CAKE - 8" and 6" - Will cater for 35 dessert portions (1"x2") or 70 finger portions (1"x1")

3 TIER CAKE - 8", 6" and 4" - Will cater for 45 dessert portions (1"x2") or 90 finger portions (1"x1")

3 TIER CAKE - 10", 8" and 6" - Will cater for 70 dessert portions (1"x2") or 140 finger portions (1"x1")

4 TIER CAKE - 10", 8", 6" and 4" - Will cater for 80 dessert portions (1"x2") or 160 finger portions (1"x1")

5 TIER CAKE - 12", 10", 8", 6" and 4" - Will cater for 130 dessert portions (1"x2") or 250 finger portions (1"x1")


Semi-Naked Cakes

Looking for something a little more rustic in appearance then our semi-naked cakes are perfect for you. The same high quality sponge and fillings but with a silky smooth buttercream coating made from French white butter.

2 TIER CAKE - Start at £195.00

3 TIER CAKE - Start at £245.00

4 TIER CAKE - Start at £380.00

Iced Cakes

2 TIER CAKE - 8" and 6" - From £270.00

3 TIER CAKE - 8", 6" and 4" - From £310.00

3 TIER CAKE - 10", 8" and 6" - From £410.00

4 TIER CAKE - 10", 8", 6" and 4" - From £480.00

4 TIER CAKE - 12", 10", 8" and 6" - From £590.00

5 TIER CAKE - 12", 10", 8", 6" and 4" - From £660.00

Celebration Cakes

Please contact us to discuss your bespoke celebration cake and we will then be able to provide you with a quote.


Favours are a great treat for your wedding or party guests. Available in a wide range of colours and flavours, our favours can be made to match any wedding and add an extra pop of colour to your place settings.


Our Macaron Favours consist of 2 filled macarons with a choice of buttercream or white chocolate ganache filling. Beautifully presented in a ribbon tied box with a personalised tag.

£3.20 per favour.

Cookie Favours

These beautiful cookie favours are a lovely addition to your tables. The biscuit can be made in a variety of flavours, colours and can be personalised.

Meringue Kisses

These adorable meringue kisses can be made in a selection of colours to blend in with your scheme. We can also make them as a solid colour or with a flash of complimentary colour

£2.40 per favour


We can also provide dessert tables filled with delicious Chocolate Brownies, Blondies, Mini Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, Meringue Kisses and Macarons.


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