My journey with this lovely couple started last year. We then met for the first time at their consultation in February where we chatted about their special day. Of course they also had the opportunity to taste their chosen cake flavours. Unfortunately, shortly after we had finalised the design COVID-19 hit which threw everything into turmoil for them. Rather than postpone completely they decided to go ahead with their wedding but with a much more intimate feel. This meant they could still have the people most important to them join them for their special celebration. It was just as beautiful and they had a wonderful day!

The original cake was going to be a 3 tier, semi-naked design with a mix of fresh fruits. However, still wanting to stay with the original design but on a more intimate basis, they decided to go with a single tier version. The cake was a delicious lemon and elderflower sponge with an elderflower buttercream and lemon curd filling. I am delighted the couple were still able to have their special day and I look forward to their celebrations again in 2022 where I will be able to make them their original 3 tier cake. Even COVID-19 is no match for true love!

Here is what Kelsie and Aron had to say......

"I got ready at home with my mum, sister and mother-in-law. We had our hair and make-up done by the make-up artist done whilst eating chocolate croissants and celebrating with some champagne (well the others did, I don't drink so I had apple Juice)!"

"My dad arrived around 10.30 and we left the house and headed to Bix Manor in Henley on Thames for 12.30. Once we arrived, our photographer Jay and the event manager Jude from Bix Manor came out to greet us. As we weren't allowed to walk down the aisle, we managed to get away with a reveal. I walked from the end of the barn through curtains with my dad and into the reception area where everyone was waiting to greet us along with a huge blazing fire."

"Everyone was seated in family groups during the ceremony. It was strange to see our family wearing masks during the ceremony but its something to look back on and say 'Yeah, we got married during a pandemic, thats why everyone is wearing masks'. Once the ceremony finished, we went off with our photographer and had photos taken out in the gardens, and then we came back into the barn and had group photos done. Once the photographs were finished we then sat down for a small lunch of 4 canap├ęs each and small portions of 3 different bowl foods. Of course we ended with the cake!"

"Although the day was short at only 4 hours long, we couldn't have asked for a better day! The venue was amazing, the food tasted delicious, our photographer was fabulous, and our cake was just full of flavour and absolutely beautiful!"

"We chose to only have 12 guests and it was the best decision we could have ever made. We had our nearest and dearest with us which made everything much less nerve wracking but also that much more special. We all had time to chat to each other, the laughter from jokes being made and just general conversation filled the air. We would recommend having an intimate wedding to anyone whether it's during the pandemic or not as there is nothing quite like it."

"But don't forget if you still want to celebrate with more people you can, thats what we are doing in 2022. We are having a post wedding party so no walking down the aisle and saying our vows in front of 120 people (Phew) just a huge party and perhaps the first get together for lots of us after not seeing family and friends properly this year so just another thing to look forward to!"